Restore: Collagen

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Restore Collagen

A tri-blend of collagen peptides formulated by a group of dietitians and collagen experts. OIAM's blend of collagen contains trademarked ingredients Tendoforte & Fortigel which are research-backed ingredients that strengthen ligaments & tendons and promotes the growth of cartilage tissue.

Our micro-ingredient panel packs a punch! With Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, and Choline Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid (which also helps in the production of collagen). These ingredients are also added to assist with hair, skin, and nail health.  Whether you're focusing on healthier skin, or a pitcher looking for strong nails, OIAM's Collagen has you covered!

Safety for All Athletes

All OIAM products are third part tested for NCAA and professional banned substances and come NSF Certified for Sport®. Find peace of mind knowing what is and is not going into your body.