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Safety for All Athletes

All OIAM products are third party tested for NCAA and professional banned substances and come NSF Certified for Sport®. Find peace of mind knowing what is and is not going into your body.

O·I·AM Fuels Your Daily Grind.
O·I·AM fuels your endurance, growth, and recovery. Created alongside college and professional sports teams, health practitioners, and everyday athletes, OIAM supplements help every type of athlete reach their unique potential.


"I love what you are doing because you are going to save dietitians so much time!"

Division I Sport RD

"The players are loving these packs by the way! Thanks for that!"

NFL Athletic Trainer

"I really like what you all are doing! I want to put this in front of my athletic director and head coach!"

Division I Sport RD
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Good nutrition is critical for peak performance. OIAM pre-built and custom packs can fill nutritional gaps that occur when training hard or when not eating a well-balanced diet.


Inflammation slows healing and gets in the way of training. Anti-inflammatory properties in select formulas help you to feel and perform better so you can get back to what you do best.


Pills packs are convenient, customizable, and keeps each pill fresh even inside your gym bag. Follow dosing instructions for optimal results when training and during recovery.

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