Build your unique pill pack with nutrient of your choosing. Includes a 30 day supply of tear-away packs.


Select Your Supplements

Select any combination of pill type to include in daily pill pack. Choose up to 10 pills per daily pack. Each dispenser box comes with a 30 day supply of daily pill packs.  

Name Your Pill Pack

We will print your name on every tear-away pill pack and on the dispenser box so there is less confusion about ownership in households and locker rooms.

Order Your Box Quantity

Choose the quantity of boxes you require and let us handle the rest. Whether you are buying a single box or 1000 boxes, OIAM makes buying supplements easier.

Get Started With Your Custom Packs


Each box contains 30 identical pill packs for 30 consecutive days of use. 

Custom pill packs may be built with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 pills. You may choose any combination of pills from our catalog when designing your custom pill pack.

Because there are thousands of possible combinations for you to choose from when building your custom pill packs, there is no set price. As you use our onlie pack builder to create your perfect pack you'll see the price adjust with each item you add or remove. Note that when you add an item the price displayed is for 30-days worth of that item in each of the 30 packs that will be sent in your box.

Your order will be built and shipped based on the following schedule:

  • Orders placed Monday - Friday by 4 PM CST will be shipped the same day
  • Orders placed Monday - Friday after 4 PM CST will ship the next non-holiday business day
  • Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will ship the next non-holiday business day (typically the following Monday)

NOTE: A "business day" is Monday through Friday, with the exception of legal or observed holidays.

The minimum order requirement is just one box. Because each box contains 30 pill packs, this single box order is a 1-month supply of your custom pill packs.